Lush… What to Get?

So I was sooo lucky and won a gift card to Lush from a contest by Magdalena a couple weeks ago! YEEEEEEE you have no idea how excited I was (am)! I have never won anything before so thank you soooo much! 🙂

I have been browsing the Lush site to decide how to put this to good use since I am still pretty new to Lush. So overwhelmed! I got a couple things from Lush before and it’s been hit and miss… Loved the Buffy, not quite the Ocean Salt (dried out my skin way too much). And there are so many experienced Lush users out there so I figured I can get some great opinions from you all as to what I should try out using this great gift I got from Magdalena!

There are some items that seems promising, so I would love to hear some quick opinion from you if you have tried it! Or if there are other produces from Lush that you love, let me know! 🙂

1. Volcano Foot Mask

2. Angels on Bare Skin

3. Mask of Magnaminty

4. It’s Raining Man Shower Gel

5. Honey I Washed The Kids Soap

6. Solid Shampoos
– there are so many and I have absolutely NO IDEA which one… any suggestions?

6 thoughts on “Lush… What to Get?

  1. I like the Lush lip scrub, dry shampoo, and hair mask! Apparently their facial masks are amazing, but I never tried! I’m planning to go to Lush again soon and do a haul haha :p

    • Haha I’ve heard good things about the lip scrub, but homemade lip scrub (olive oil + sugar) has been doing a great job so I probably won’t splurge on that haha!

      Same goes to dry shampoo.. I have one that I love…

      I will definitely check out the hair masks! Is there one that you would recommend? 🙂

  2. Cleansers: Angels on Bare Skin is lovely! It makes your skin so soft, and is gentle enough for all skin types. Other great cleansers I’ve used and loved have been Fresh Farmacy (great for redness and sensitive skin!), and Dark Angels.

    Lips: I second the lip scrubs. I have the Sweet Lips one, and it works better than any lip scrub I’ve tried – plus it tastes freaking delicious. I want to try the mint one!

    Soaps: I wasn’t a fan of the Honey I Washed the Kids soap. I just felt the honey scent was too strong, but the soap itself worked alright. I stay away from most of their soaps because of how intense the perfume can be, but if your skin isn’t sensitive and strong scents don’t bother you, you’ll be fine. My favourite soap ever from Lush is Porridge. It’s got such a sweet maple-ish smell, and it exfoliates gently too! If you like peppermint, try Ice Blue soap. Wakes you up like nothing else!

    Hair: Jungle solid conditioner was by far my favourite lush hair product. It smelled so good and fruity, and worked some hair magic.

    Moisturizers: Imperialis and Celestial are great moisturizers for combination skin (and they last a long time!).

    Other stuff: The Mask of Magnaminty is a lovely mask. It’s so cooling, and my skin always felt so great after using it. Their Fresh Face masks are the best, though (but they’re only available in store because they’re so fresh). If you love the Karma scent from Lush, I’d suggest trying the Karma solid perfume. It’s heaven. 🙂

    And for solid shampoos: I loved the Blonde, but I don’t see it on their website anymore 😦 It had chamomile in it and was very gentle but still cleansing!

    • omg thanks sooooo much! That’s so helpful! Thanks for taking the time to type out all the suggestions!

      I might just try out the mask of magnaminty and angels on bare skin! Ooo I might want to stay away from the soaps then… since I am not the biggest fan of strong scents (why am I shopping at lush? LOL), I would think they will go away after the shower… guess not! I love peppermint tho, so I might check out the Ice Blue soap!

      I have heard a lot of good stuff about fresh face masks… but since I can’t really find them online… I will check them out in store! Too bad the shelf life is only… 3 weeks? I might have to delay trying that one till I am less busy and have time to pamper myself!

      Thanks again for all the suggestions! I’m pretty sure about what I’m going to try this time, and for the rest, I will add them to my “list-of-lush-products-to-try”! Have a great day! 🙂

  3. I haven’t tried Lush and really need to get over to their website beacuse I keep seeing such great things! I have heard good things about the Mask of magnaminty and their bath bombs are supposed to be amazing. Hope this helps somewhat!

    Elena x

    • Yea I keep hearing about how great the mask of magnaminty is… so I think i’m going to give that a try!

      Bath bomb wise… I will probably try them once I move and have a nicer tub haha!

      Thanks a lot for your suggestions! 🙂

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