NOTD: Essie To Buy Or Not To Buy

I got this polish as a gift from the lovely pearlessence (thanks so much! :]), since she knows I have been looking for a lilac colour since forever! How thoughtful of her! I painted my nails with it yesterday right after I got it from her and I loved it so I decided to do a quick Nail of The Day post!

According to Essie‘s website, To Buy Or Not To Buy is a lavender with shimmer. To me it looks more pink with a faint hint of lavender, there is really fine purple, green, blue shimmer in the polish. The shimmer is almost unnoticeable once you paint a topcoat over it unless you are really looking for it.

Essie is my favourite brand of nail polish. Hands down. I really wanted to like OPI but I am not a big fan of their formulation, and for some reason they chip pretty fast on me. On the other hand, Essie usually doesn’t chip on my nails for at least 5 days (with base coat + 2 coats of polish + top coat), and the formulation of most of their polishes is smooth and easy to apply. There are some misses (ahem Angel Food I’m talking about you), but all in all it’s the best brand I’ve tried.

To Buy Or Not To Buy has the usual smooth and easy to apply consistency of most Essie polishes. It is opaque in two coats, which is surprisingly good for a polish that is this pale. From my past experience, light coloured Essie polishes usually require 3 coats. So this is a pleasant surprise. I have only worn it for a day so I can’t speak about its lasting power, but I expect nothing worse than the usual Essie polishes.

Outdoor, overcast

Indoor, overcast

I picked up Love & Acceptance the other day I was at the mall (as mentioned in my haul post). It’s another lilac, but with no shimmer. From first look it looks very Β similar to To Buy Or Not To Buy, but it is more purply and pale. It’s from their 2012 Bridal collection that will be released in April. I will paint my nails with that next and I will do a quick comparison of the two!

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