New Obsession: The Water Bobble

The water bobble isn’t something new, in fact, I’ve wanted to try it since it came out almost 2 years ago… but I had a brand new waterbottle at the time so I decided not to. But I looked at my water bottle the other day… and realized its no.7 plastic, which MIGHT contain BPA (bisphenol A), and since I got it a while back and not from Canada, I don’t want to risk putting more BPA in my body.

So I finally caved and got the water bobble, it was not fun looking for it. The site said it’s available in a whole slew of stores in Canada but I went to Loblaws, Chapters, RW&Co. No dice. I finally went to GNC and found that they had a couple in stock so I grabbed one right away. (I was told by the sales person that they sell them in American Apparel stores by the way!) The rest of the stores listed… I have never even heard of them!

Onto the water bobble, for those of you that are not familiar with it, it’s basically a water bottle with a built in filter, so it filters water as you drink it! Sounds gimmicky I know, but I absolutely cannot drink tap water, they need to be filtered, or even better, boiled. So I figure I will give this a try.

The bottle is made of BPA-free plastic (No.1 Plastic), and is made in USA. The filter is replaceable and comes in many different colours. The bottle itself is also recyclable.

It comes in 3 different sizes small (385ml/13oz), medium (550ml/18.5oz), and large (1L/34oz). On their site they retail for 8.99, 9.99, and 12.99 respectively. I got the medium size since it’s the only one the GNC store carried, in black, since the only options were black and pink.  I got mine for 12 CAD, and that’s with 15% off discount… why does everything cost more in Canada?!

Before I used the bobble, I followed the instruction and rinsed it with water, and then cleaned the filter by squeezing the filled bottle. The water that came out at the beginning was black. And I mean legit black, they did say carbon particles might appear but I thought it would be flakes of it and not turning the water black. But the water cleared up after the 2nd squeeze. I did this a couple times to make sure its all cleaned.

(This is the filter part)

(Squirt bottle top)

I used it for the first time going to the gym this morning and I loved it! I can now fill up my water everywhere and don’t need to worry about buying water on campus! The only thing is that it doesn’t dispense a lot of water with each squeeze/suck so you need to work a bit for that. I usually squeeze the bottle since I feel like sucking on it a lot is going to give me wrinkles! (The bottle body part is quite flexible so squeezing it is quite easy)

It suggests that you replace the filter every 2 months… we will see how that goes. It can get kind of pricey if I actually do that, so I am going to try to make it last by filling it with filtered water when I’m at home, and only “use” the filter when I’m out and about. Hopefully that will prolong the life of the filter since it can be pricey!

On a side note, since it has a build in filter and it’s plastic, it’s not suitable for hot drinks, or anything that’s not water for that matter. So this is actually just a WATER bottle. But I am okay with that since having a water bottle handy means I will drink more water instead of buying pop and juice!

All in all I am really glad I got the water bobble!  Have any of you tried the water bobble? Did you like it?


7 thoughts on “New Obsession: The Water Bobble

    • Ooo I have never heard of the Kor Delta bottles before! I just looked it up and it’s SO PRETTY! That might be my next buy!

      I think the bobble is a good option if you don’t like drinking tap water but you are always on the go. You can just fill it up wherever you go and have it filtered when you drink it! Let me know which one you end up getting! 🙂

      • Ooo nice! They just look sooooo pretty! I just found out they sell them in Canada too! I might just pick one up next time I go to one of the (few) stores that sell it!
        Thanks for letting me know about this! ^^

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