Searching for… a New iPhone Case

Need to get my 4th iPhone case.

I got my first one when I got my phone, paid a good $30 on it and it broke after 2 weeks (I dropped it numerous times). It’s just a plain black case.

I got my second and third from ebay because I refuse to pay so much for the case again. I paid approximately $5 for a pair of cases (meant for couples). I used both since my boyfriend still has a old school dumbphone. I dropped them numerous times but both of them were still intact. I retired my 2nd one because I went to a concert and got them to sign on it, since it was the only thing thats sign-able apart from my skin (just kidding). I am planning on retiring my 3rd one since the paint on it is fading, poor panda is going to be nose-less soon. I had absolutely not expectation on their quality but boy was I surprised. I dropped them at least 5 times a week and they are still sturdy! (And you can see why I NEED a case for my phone, I have total respect for people who has an iPhone without case and somehow manage not to break/scratch it!)

So here I am. Looking for a new iPhone case. I stumbled across the site called Society6 when I was browsing pinterest. Β It’s a site where artists submit their work and it can be made into iPhone cases, iPod/iPhone skins, laptop/iPad skins, art prints, stretched canvases, stationery cards, hoodies, and t-shirts. There are so so so many designs on there and I can spend literally hours just browsing through all of them! There are cute animal ones, hilarious ones, super artsy ones, ones with quotes, etc etc. Here are 9 iPhone cases that I really like but I need opinion on which one is better! All their iPhone cases at $35USD, and shipping to US is $5, to Canada is $10. I believe the shipping is flat rate since when I change the number of items in the cart the shipping remains unchanged.

1. Up by Derek Temple
2. Centered by Jenean Morrison
3. Bold by Charlene McCoy
4. Serenity by Joy StClaire
5. Confetti Daydream by Shawn Terry King
6. Winter Stripe No. 1 by Alice Rebecca Potter
7. Day of the dead by Farnell
8. Heart by Natalie French
9. Spring Pattern by Natalie French

Which one is your favourite? Or did you find other ones you like more on the site? Let me know! πŸ™‚

(All images via link provided)

16 thoughts on “Searching for… a New iPhone Case

  1. Oh they look so pretty, I want one too now! I’m on my 4th case too haha, I drop my 4S a lot. The first time I dropped it without a case and I dented it 😦
    I like Up and Spring Pattern!

    • Oh no! I dropped my phone on concrete once with the case and it dented a little and I felt like my heart broke a little… I hope the dent on your phone isn’t too obvious!

      The Up pattern is the first one I saw… I absolutely love it! The spring one is pretty and simple. I also really like the “centered” because it’s so feminine and sophisticated!

      Let me know if you end up getting a new case! πŸ™‚

      • It’s so bad how I change cases like changing clothes LOL! It’s quite fun dressing up my iPhone. The dent is on the back near the stainless steel part, so it’s hidden when I have my case up.

        The Up pattern is definitely eye catching, since I love the movie! I’m going to bookmark that site and spend my countless hours browsing it after my homework is done !

      • Haha! I have had my phone for over a year and I’ve had 3 cases so I think it’s pretty good.. but if I had found out about this site earlier I would probably have had many more cases!

        I loveeee the Up movie! I think that’w why I love that case too! The site also has iPad skin and laptop skin so I am so tempted to get those too!

        Have fun looking at all the designs! πŸ™‚

  2. Win 1 of 3 Opena iPhone 4 Cases
    Click here [] for more info on how to enter.

    • I never expected I’d like something like no.7 but when I saw it I was just like… omg it’s so cute! I will have to think hard about which one to get haha!

    • Oooo that sounds adorable!! I feel like if I get any phone cases with ears or other appendages I will accidentally destroy them since i’m a pretty clumsy person haha! :p

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