St Patrick’s Day Haul

Happy St Patrick’s Day everyone! Instead of going out and drinking/partying today, I decided to visit my boyfriend and went shopping (much better than getting drunk)!

Conveniently Sephora has a gift with purchase (BareMinerals), so that totally gave me an excuse to buy more things! I got a Dior  Diorshow Heat Curl ($31CAD) since it has pretty good reviews and I have a problem with my lower lashes growing towards my eyes, so I really hope this will work! I just gave it a quick trial and it did curl my lashes out, now we need to see about how long it holds!

(I hate taking picture of this, the reflective surface makes it so annoying!)

Apparently with the purchase of a Dior item at Sephora today (that’s what the sales associate told me), I also get a little sample of Miss Dior Cherie Perfume. I love love love little perfume bottles! They are super adorable so I was extremely excited about getting it!

The bareMinerals gift with $25 purchase has 3 items in it: Hydrating Mineral Veil Finishing Powder (0.75 g/0.03 oz), Mini Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara in Black (5 ml/0.16 fl. oz), Mini Pretty Amazing Lipgloss in Panache (2 ml/0.07 fl. oz). I have never tried anything from bareMinerals so I am super excited to try these products out!

I also decided to redeem 100 points for  a Philosophy Miracle Worker Dark Spot Corrector since I have a bunch of acne scars on my face that I would love to get rid of! We will see how this goes!

Lilac/lavender polish is something I have been trying to get for a long time. I wanted a creme finish, from Essie, and it has not been an easy feat. There doesn’t seem to be any permanent lilac polish from Essie (at least not in stores I go to), and when it comes out with a collection, they are gone before I can even get to the mall! So I am super glad I found this in a little kiosk in the mall, it’s called Love & Acceptance. It’s from the 2012 Bridal collection (Love & Acceptance), which I don’t think is officially released yet since the sites I saw said it will be available in stores in April. I have no idea how this kiosk has it but I am glad it did, otherwise it will probably be gone before I can get it in April!

The last beauty-ish thing I got was the Moroccan Oil Treatment. I mentioned this in my January Wish List. I have only heard amazing things about this so I finally caved and got it. It’s kind of pricy (I paid $19CAD for 25ml of this). Lets hope this lives up to its hype! I have really frizzy hair when I put it up so hopefully this will make me look less like an lioness. Fingers crossed!

I also finally bought some new clothing items! I got this top from Gap. I’m normally not a big Gap fan but I LOVE this sweater. The sales associated called it a “slub shirt”, meaning it is kind of baggy, which is something I prefer over skin tight clothes for everyday wear. I know the weather is getting warmer, but it’s a pretty lightweight sweater that will be totally fine for the early part of spring, plus it was on sale so I could not resist!

I also finally got a new bikini! Pearlessence and I went shopping the other day and she pointed this out and I fell in love, and seeing it again today made me realize how much I love it!

So that concludes the haul! Have a great weekend everyone!

12 thoughts on “St Patrick’s Day Haul

    • Yeah! I think the only main difference is Love & Acceptance is completely creme finish whereas To Buy Or Not To Buy has some shimmer in it. Both are absolutely gorgeous lilac though!

      • Its funny because until i read this comment, i had no idea the to buy or not to buy had shimmer in it!! I’ve been using their good to go polish over it and when it seals it, the glitter doesn’t show up! thanks for the heads up!

      • Np! I don’t actually own it but I’ve seen it in store. It’s really really subtle shimmer so I’m not surprised it’s not showing up after you put a top coat on it. I guess it can be worn two ways! With top coat for no shimmer and without top coat for shimmer! Haha!

      • Haha! That’s so true! I wonder if there’s somewhere we can check how much we spent in the past year? (Since VIB is when you spend $500/year right? I started buying from Sephora last year and I am still not too familiar with these things!)

        I didn’t know about the Dior thing until I was checking out, the lady was like, “by the way, you get this today when you get anything from Dior”. I wish they posted all these somewhere so we can plan our shopping trip to get these freebies! :p

    • I got it from a salon, I think it’s pretty much at any salon in the mall… or rather I should say it’s in at least one salon in every mall I’ve been to! I don’t remember the name of the salon I got it from though!

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