Guu Izakaya

Last Saturday my boyfriend and I went to Guu Izakaya in downtown Toronto for a little post-interview celebration. Although I won’t know the result until mid-May, it’s just an excuse for us to head to Guu!

For those of you who are not familiar with Izakaya, it is kind of like a Japanese pub but it also serves food that accompany the drinks. We have been to Guu once before and absolutely loved it.

The atmosphere is excellent, once you walk into the door, you are greeted by the entire staff. It is a little loud in there, but that’s part of the atmosphere here! And I totally just failed to take pictures of the inside of Guu (that’s so me), but there’s basically a bar, a couple few big long tables, and then some smaller tables. In the summer there’s also a patio, but in the winter, they covered it up and added heater since it’s obviously way too cold for patio when its -2C!

We went really early, basically right when it opened (4PM on Saturday). They are notorious for their wait, and by 5PM, there is already a line forming. Last time we went at 10PM (or was it 10:30PM), and there was a small line, but I’ve heard if you go during regular dinner hour, be prepared to wait for 2 hours. I also believe they do not take any reservation.

Now onto the food! Boyfriend did not order anything to drink this time since he needs to drive after, so I took advantage of that and ordered myself a cocktail.

Cherry Blossom: Peach Liqueur, Cassis Liqueur, Red Wine, 7-up
-this is delicious, actually tastes just like sangria-

Ama Ebi: Sweet Shrimp Sashimi from B.C. (daily special)
-I never thought I would enjoy shrimp sashimi for some reason, but this is absolutely delicious-

Kabocha Korokke: Deep fried kabocha pumpkin croquette with a boiled egg inside
-I love anything pumpkin, and this is no exception. It’s topped with a sauce that tastes like thousand island. Possibly my favourite dish-

Ikapiri: Deep fried Calamari with spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo
-had this last time too. ย Love the wasabi mayo, the calamari is cooked perfectly and the fried potato strips thingy are great with the dish-

Deep Fried Onigiri: Deep fried rice ball with Rapini and fried shrimp, served in the Oden soup (daily special)
-this is interesting, it tasted good but it was weird, rice ball in soup? Not sure I will quite get used to that. Nothing special about this otherwise-

Karaage: deep fried soy sause marinated chicken served with garlic mayo
-pretty standard izakaya food. Chicken is cooked perfectly though, the pieces could be smaller, they are way too big in my opinion-

Tontoro: pan fried pork cheek with salt and yuzu pepper
-I really liked this, boyfriend didn’t, due to its high fat content. Who knew pork cheeks are so fatty?! Cooked to perfection, yuzu added the perfect amount of acidity to the dish so it’s not too oily-

Yuzu and Mochi Baked Cheesecake (daily special)
-thinnest piece of cheesecake I’ve seen?! There’s a slight hint of yuzu at the end of each bite, I couldn’t really taste the mochi though. Still a good piece of cheesecake nonetheless-

As you can probably tell, the portion isn’t that big, but with all the food above, both of us were pretty full at the end of it, which was a good surprise since we planned this to be a pre-dinner snack but it also passed as dinner! The bill came out to be a lot cheaper than I expected, which is another good surprise. I can’t wait to go back again and try more of their daily specials!

If you are visiting Toronto, I highly recommend Guu! Just keep in mind about the lineups and either go early or late to avoid that! They also have locations in Vancouver!

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend and you’re well charged for the week!


11 thoughts on “Guu Izakaya

    • Looking at the pictures makes me hungry again! I wish there’s good japanese food in the city I live in… so I don’t have to commute a few hours to satisfy my cravings! Hopefully I will go back soon and have amazing food again!

      Hope you have a great and relaxing day! ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Yummy!! That all sounds delicious!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Love you food posts!!! Can’t wait to see more yummu pics!!! ;โ‚ฌ

      • Thanks! I wish I could take better pictures! But we all start somewhere right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ And as much as I love my iPhone… the typos and autocorrect are possibly the most annoying/hilarious thing! So no worries! I totally understand :p

    • I wonder if all the Guu have the same food? I would love to go to BC some day! It sounds like such a beautiful province! Especially Vancouver and Victoria!

      • We have 3 Guus in BC and I think each branch has different menus? Vancouver is ok haha, been here too long. But all the action is in Ontario. I’m planning to see if there’s job opportunities there after I graduate!

      • Haha it’s funny how people get sick of where they are and want to move to somewhere else! I feel like I’m so done with Ontario but I will be stuck here for at least another 4 years!

        Ooo that’s exciting! Are you graduating soon? In terms of job I feel like Ontario is a great place to be haha.

      • Yay exciting! Best of luck with job hunting! I wish I had a chance to go to TIFF! I’m always back to school when that happens!

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