Life Lately… According to My iPhone Pictures.

Reading week is going by How is it already Thursday? I went home during this break and spent lots of time with my family and did some shopping and had some great food. Time to slowly get back to school mode and face the upcoming exams, assignments, and interview! Which also means blog post might be less frequent, but I promise once everything’s done I will be back with more posts! 🙂














1. All You Can Eat Sushi. nomnomnom
2. Homemade dessert by mom ❤
3. Scary winter road up to Gimli
4. Gimli, the tiny town I will be spending most of my summer in
5. Yummy breakfast at a local restaurant in Gimli (and one of the few restaurant that exists in the town)
6. 2011 Valentino the bear from Godiva. I know it’s way past V-day, but hey its 50% off. I have been collecting the Christmas bears from Godiva… guess I am going to start with the valentines day one too.


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