Lush Buffy Body Butter Review

So as promised, here’s a review for the Lush “Buffy” body butter. I picked this up a little less than a week ago but I have been using it everyday so I feel like I have used it enough for a review.

As mentioned in my mini-haul post, I picked it up in store when I meant to get the You Snap The Whip body butter, but the girl there recommended Buffy saying it’s a best seller and it’s a lot more moisturizing. So here I am with this body butter.

When I think body butter, I think body moisturizer, like those from The Body Shop. (And when I think Buffy, I think Buffy the Vampire Slayer…) But in Lush term, body butter is actually an exfoliator with moisturizer.

Ingredients (From
Fair Trade Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cacao), Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), Ground Rice (Oryza Sativa), Ground Almonds (Prunus dulcis), Ground Aduki Beans (Phaseolus), Perfume, Lavender Oil (Lavandula hybrida), Lemon Oil (Citrus limonum), Citral, Limonene, Linalool
 How to Use

I felt like an idiot asking the girl how this is supposed to be used, but hey I want to get the best out of what I pay for!

So basically in the shower, after you used body wash and all those, you rub this in circular all over your body (or just dry spots, if you wish) to exfoliate, and then rinse it off.

I also suggest using this when you turn the water off, it will help the body butter last a lot longer.

How to Store
One thing I have consistently hear about a lot of Lush products (solid bars) is that they don’t last, and this body butter is no exception. It has a “melt warning” which means it will melt at body temperature. You will notice it melting in your hands when you are holding it and rubbing it on your body. So keep it away from sunlight, or anything that’s hot/warm! One way to help it last longer is to use it without the water running in shower as I have mentioned.
Another way is to store it in the Lush body butter tin (3.95CAD), which I also picked up when I got Buffy. After you finish using the body butter, pop it back into the tin, and leave it open to dry, when it’s dry, put the cover back on. It is also really handy for travelling! Just make sure it’s dry when you close it, you don’t want “little friends” (as referred to by the girl at Lush) growing in there! Not. Fun.

What I Think
When I used Buffy for the first time, my first though was “Omg how did I live without this?!” It leaves my skin so so soft. I have to confess that I am not a huge body moisturizer person, because I hate the feeling of cream on my hand. Buffy is by no means a substitute for lotion, but on those lazy days, or when the weather isn’t that dry, it will suffice as a moisturizer.On the note of moisturizing, if you are the kind of person who likes to come out of the shower feeling squeaky clean, then you might not love Buffy that much. Since it’s also a moisturizer, it leaves a layer of “film” if you will, on your skin. I wasn’t too thrill about it when I used it but when I realize how much softer and less dry my skin is after using this, heck that’s something I can totally deal with.As an exfoliator, this body butter is amazing. It contains ground rice and ground almond, which can actually feel a little harsh on your skin when you first use it, but since they are natural products and the body butter is also a moisturizer, it balances it out really nicely.

Just like other Lush product, Buffy has a strong smell. To me it smells like rice and almond, which I am fine with. I don’t really smell the cocoa butter or the shea butter though.

Final Thoughts
I probably won’t be using it every single day in the future, since it’s not the cheapest thing ever and it does not last for a long time. It will probably be an every-other-day affair, but I will definitely be getting the bigger size (200g) when I repurchase, and probably another small (95g) for travelling, since I do travel quite a bit between school and home.

Product: Buffy Body Botter
Price: 11.95CAD for 95g, 22.95CAD for 200g
Where to buy: or Lush stores
Rating: A-

Have you tried any Lush products you will recommend? I am pretty new to Lush and I am looking for more products to try!


12 thoughts on “Lush Buffy Body Butter Review

    • I don’t think you can completely replace moisturizer with this. As I said, it’s good for days when you are just too lazy or when it’s not that dry. With dry weather like this in Canada… you probably would want to top it off with moisturizer especially in areas that get dry easily.

  1. I am a Lush addict.
    The Buffy butter is one of my favourite products.
    ‘Sympathy for the Skin’ is a body lotion I highly recommend. It’s made with real, organic bananas. It smells weird when you take a whiff of it from the jar, but once it’s on your skin it smells delicious.
    ‘Mask of Magnaminty’ is a face mask/cleanser. It has a super minty smell, and you feel so fresh & clean after using it.

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