Busy and Gym-less Days…

Well I will admit that the gym and I have not been in each other’s presence for quite a while… and I cannot foresee the day we will reunite, at least not for another month.

Final year of university has been ridiculously hectic, especially with all the medical school applications and research thesis etc… and things just get turned up a notch when I am so anxiously waiting to hear back from schools that I cannot focus on your current school work, and then I realize I am super behind in everything with midterms and assignments coming up… and here I am… blogging. At least this helps me relieve some of my stress!

For years I have been trying to get my lazy bum to the gym regularly and although it’s been slightly better these couple years… it’s still extremely lacking. I would be proud if I end up going to the gym once a week, but lately with all these school work I have not been able to keep up with that. To make myself feel less guilty and to keep the fat from building up, I have been following this workout video I discovered a while ago, and it actually gives me such a workout in a mere 10 minutes. (Yes I am extremely out of shape but I figured school is slightly more important at the moment so this will suffice…) I just wanted to share it with you so when you are busy and feel guilty about skipping the gym, you can do this little 10 minute workout at home that will get your heart rate up and give you sore legs the next morning!


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