Searching for the… Perfect Long Wallet

So I have this obsession with long wallets. I like my bills straight and it’s simple as that. It started when the Hong Kong government start issuing plastic bills… and I have been using long wallet since then. Who wants a plastic bill with a fold in the middle? I have been using the same wallet from Guess since grade 11 and it is looking rather beat up (white objects and I are not friends… no matter how hard I try they never stay white…).

I have been looking for a replacement for a while and I had my eyes on this Louis Vuitton one for around a year but then as a broke university student I can’t justify spending that much on a wallet (maybe one day, but not right now). I was just browsing around and found some that interest me but can’t really decide which one to get… so I am here, asking for your opinion! I am basically looking for a black leather long wallet… Let me know which one you think I should get!

Marc Jacobs Classic Q Long Trifold Wallet

Michael Kors Jet Set Zip Round Continental

Coach Madison Leather Trifold Slim Wallet

Cole Haan Essex Slim Wallet


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