5 Favourite Things

Since I am the kind of person that changes what I like very frequently (that’s exactly why I can never get a tattoo!), I’ve decided to do a weekly poll about my favourite things for the week! It’s going to be about… whatever I feel like including!

Image via. (how adorable is this?!)

My Favourite…

 1. Blush: e.l.f. Tickled Pink {eyeslipsface.com}
-At $3 a blush, this definitely performed beyond what the price tag suggests. It is the perfect everyday blush!-
2. Song: Favourite Girl by The Icarus Account {youtube.com}
pearlessence sent me this song and I have been absolutely addicted since then. Such a cute, sweet, and catchy song!-
3. Book: For One More Day by Mitch Albom {chapters.indigo.ca}
-I don’t usually enjoy philosophical novels, but this one made me cry and made me miss my mom.-
4. Movie: Crazy, Stupid, Love. {imdb.com}
-Two words sum it up: Ryan Reynolds. ohemgee. SO HOT!-
5. Candle: Bath and Body Works Vanilla Verbena {bathandbodyworks.com}
-With exam stress, this stress relief candle helps preventing me from pulling my hair out, and it smells great!-

Now it’s your turn!

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